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" Vietnamnamese Traditional Food "
Add : 66 Bat Su street, The old quarter of Hanoi , Vietnam

“When I worked as a tour guide and cooking instructor, people often asked me questions like: - What is your favourite food? and: - What is the most representative Vietnamese dish? which made me in a loss of words. Vietnamese foods is very various, and it is almost impossible to pick the most out-standing one. When you come to Vietnam,you may struggle to choose a suitable authentic place which suits every one in your group as in most of the places here, they sell only one house dish.
Apron Up Restaurant and Cooking Class introduces to you an assorted selection of the most traditional and delicate dishes in Vietnam. From the Royal rice used to be served in the imperial citadel, to casual beef noodle salad, to the French- influenced egg coffee... are carefully cooked and decorated by talented and knowledgeable Vietnamese chefs. Here we also offer cooking classes to show you the art inside our food and culture. Welcome to Vietnam!”

Apron Up Restaurant
Add : 66 Bat Su street, Hanoi , Vietnam - Tel : 0888 365 685
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